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Monday, March 7, 2011

Downtown Parking

[Government]  Building or Buying Parking Downtown
Jacob Ogles, Jacob.Ogles@srqmediagroup.com

A proposal before Sarasota City Commissioners tonight could allow some downtown developers to pay a fee to City Hall rather than pave new parking spaces in the urban area.

An ordinance being considered would allow a "payment in lieu of parking fee option" under certain circumstances. City officials stress the plan would just add an option to developers, and would only be allowed in conditions where it made sense for a development to rely on off-site public spaces.

"The Duany Plan contemplated parking on some individual sites was not the ideal way to create a pedestrian-friendly environment," said Special Projects General Manager Mike Taylor, referencing Sarasota's 2020 Downtown Master Plan. 

Source:  srqmediagroup.com

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